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Jonathan, we were really glad to have you there. People kept telling us that they loved you guys… you were awesome!

Thanks for being flexible with the timing of things (or rather, delays) etc.

It was great working with you and your band, thanks again.

Jake Aikenhead
Friends for Life Foundation

I have known and used Jonathan for a variety of musical projects prior to and including Jimi Jive 5. He has always delivered nothing short of excellence and Jimi Jive 5 is no exception. What can I say… the band is fantastic! The energy they put out is simply wonderful. I have no doubt that anybody lucky enough to have them perform will be absolutely joy filled and ecstatic!

Nadein Hazelwood
Bridge Manor Avenue

Just wanted to say another quick thank you for the wonerful music you guys provided for us last Thursday!!!

Everyone could not stop raving about you guys!

It was terrific!

You made it a truly memorable night for all of us!

All the best,
Nina and Paul

Hey Jonathan. People are honestly still talking about you guys. It’s months later and people keep bringing up how unbelievable you guys were!

Amoy was crazy good on ‘At Last’ for the first dance. I think my uncle fell in love with her!

Thanks for making the wedding so great.



Vlad & Nicole Cuburt

Music Player

Live Studio Recording

These songs were recorded live off the floor (no overdubbing) in Jonathan’s basement studio. Enjoy!

Live! August 29, 2014

These songs were recorded live August 29, 2014 at a wedding in Toronto. Nothing beats the energy of live!


Jimi Jive 5 – Rocking Out!

Jimi Jive 5 – Rocking out at the Friend for Life fundraiser in Toronto on June 11th.

Jimi Jive 5 Singing Etta James’ ‘At Last’

Had a great time at this wedding. Amoy got things started with a great performance on Etta James’ ‘At Last’.

Jimi Jive 5 in Mitchell Ontario!

A wedding gig we did recently all the way out in Mitchell Ontario. Those folks know how to party!

We finished the night off with a 100% impromptu performance of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean!! That was a lot of fun 🙂

The Band

Picture 496



If you’re wondering who’s deep and sexy voice you hear speaking in your head as you read this, it is me, Jonathan Adams… guilty as charged. I’ll be your tour guide through some of the torrid and controversial history of our band members.

A little bit about myself… I first picked up the guitar at the tender age of 15. I’ve never been quite the same since.I grew my hair long, played in lots of garage bands, learned to play the Black Album and pretty much covered all the bases of being a guitar addict.At the age of 20, I moved from Nova Scotia to Toronto looking to expand my musical horizons.

Here I joined a band called One Rich Fool. Ironically we were five poverty-stricken idiots, but I was lucky enough to take that sacred journey into musical adulthood… by which I mean traveling the country from coast to coast all the while either struggling not to sleep at the wheel, or sleeping on a cold pile of gear at the back of the van.

After One Rich Fool had worn out its welcome/went the way of the dodo bird, I did a solo project which I’m actually quite proud of.So proud of in fact that I’m going to let you download it HERE. During my time with One Rich Fool I had met a couple of cool cats from another band called Capstone that traveled in the same circles by the names of Joel Wilson and Brad Toews.Both of them were extremely talented and had something very special about their musicality.I had them play on my solo project and now, if you look below, you can see they are playing with me for Jimi Jive 5. Voilà, the perfect segue.


The band is always goofing off!

Picture 457



Jonathan here again, to give you the low down on Joel Wilson. Listen, I’ll be honest with you; this guys totally weird. I think it must have something to do with his Northern Ontario upbringing. I mean if you hire us, seriously avoid this guy.
Anyway, he’s just about the best drummer I’ve ever run into so it’s worth it I guess. I first met him when he was playing in a band called Capstone. At first I was totally weirded out by how weird the guy was, but I couldn’t ignore how great he sounded and when both of us found ourselves between musical projects we ended up working together. He did his time at Humber Music College, where he met Brad Toews and formed Capstone. Another perfect segue, I’m on some kind of a role here.

fine print: Joel may not actually be a weirdo, and this may be my bizarre attempt at humor.




(Pssst…she’s on the left)… the other half of that amazing duo . Amoy is Talented, Edgy and Focused.

At the young age of six, she discovered her vocal gift singing within Toronto’s local gospel community.

Since then, her voice has carried her throughout Canada and the United states, where she has performed with several Grammy Award winning artists including Kirk Franklin, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Canada’s own Celine Dion and Tom Cochrane.

Her voice is like no other and though she has been compared to artists like Tina Turner and Whitney Houston, Amoy has a new and exciting voice for the millennium sure to leave you with a lasting impression.

Picture 367



As I mentioned above, Brad attended Humber Music College. This is what brought him to Toronto from his Alberta upbringing. What can I say, the guy really knows how to play the piano!

I constantly hear from other musicians that have worked with him what a special musician he is. If that many people feel that way it must be true.

Like Joel Wilson, he seems to possess more than extreme proficiency on the instrument but a wonderful sensibility and emotional approach to the instrument.

Interesting side note, Brad’s rather intense and ‘totally lost in the music’ stage presence has often been compared to that of Schroeder of Charlie brown’s peanuts.

Who wouldn’t want that guy playing at their event!?

Picture 326



(Pssst…she’s on the right)

I first saw Ciceal and Amoy (sisters) performing with Kelita at her annual event, Heavenly Night.

I was so astounded the rich smooth and soulful backing vocals that my mind immediately started working on incorporating them into Jimi Jive 5.

Ciceal is a proud mom and one half of the amazing backing vocals you hear on our demo.

Picture 416



Sergio has been playing for 39 years now! You might not know what to look at him but he’s now 64 years old and semiretired. Well, not really but he sounds like he’s been playing for 39 years!

Sergio also attended Humber music college where he learned to plunk that Bassic Newtin of his. Since Humber he has been involved with various rock, pop and latin projects within the Portuguese community. He has even recorded with the Canadian Tenors and worked with Guns & Roses Appetite for destruction Mixer Steve Thomson.

Now that he’s working with Jimi Jive 5, he keeps us thumping and always has a smile on his face. He’s so dedicated to Jimi Jive 5 that he recently shaved off his dreadlocks to play the part of the band member fresh off his army stint. That’s dedication!

Picture 521



Nathan had actually met our talented backing vocals duo Ceceal and Amoy when he was a kid in the Gospel music community.

The guy has been singing along time for all kinds of things. He seems to have the soul of a much older man. Anyway… need I say more?

I mean, listen to the demo, that guy is fantastic!!!

I also feel it’s necessary to say that that vocal performance is the real deal.

No studio wizardry making him sound better than he really is.

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