The Journey To Playing Guitar

First things first, the best way to learn guitar should be a fun process. The moment is starts to get boring or tedious put the guitar down and do something else for a while. Don't get me wrong, there are many different approaches you can take, but keeping it fun is the key to excelling quickly and actually sticking to it. For many beginners the early exercises are a bit intimidating and hard which results in less fun. However, if you stick to those exercises on a regular basis they pass very quickly. Set some goals if you like, for instance learning 3 major chords every week. Given that 3 chords doesn't sound like much, numerous popular songs can be played on those 3 simple chords.

Identify your Goals

Why do you want to learn guitar? Do you want to impress your friends, or you want to be the best guitarist? What do music styles you want to play? Do you want to play pop or rock style? Becoming a great guitarist is a hard way, but learning playing some song is easy. So many people can play guitar by your own, but how many people become agreat guitar player. A clear goal will make a good starting for you.

Buy the Right Guitar

Guitar is your best friend in this journey. Choose your friend and let's start. Many suggestion that an electric guitar will best for beginner, but it's your choose. Choose your guitar that fit to your music style, and your budget can afford. Another thing is understand your guitar. It's necessary, and it's so easy to learn. Guitar anatomy is so simple, so you can take a little time to know all the part of the guitar and their functions.

Once again there are no strict rules when learning how to play guitar. The moment you step into a decent music shop you will be overwhelmed with choices. Most guys like to plunge into the deep end and buy a V-shape electric guitar with a mahogany finish and Seymour Duncan pickups. The shop owner will be able to tell you long stories regarding the tension and how it stays in tune no matter how far you push the whammy bar. If by any chance you don't understand the terms I just used then it's a sign you are not ready for a V-shape electric. As you continue to grow into the magic of guitar you will understand why starting with a simple guitar is the best option.

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An acoustic guitar is definitely a good starting point, but even better is a classic with nylon strings. It isn't necessary made for beginners, although they provide all the great stepping stones. The neck is wide, giving your fingers space while incorporating some stretch exercises. The nylon strings won't hurt your fingers like steel strings will, and believe me, they will. When you feel confident in the way you play and you decide to try out a sophisticated acoustic or electric, it will feel like heaven. More importantly, you'll feel much more comfortable.

Find an Instructor or enroll in a Course

It goes without saying that this step isn't exactly necessary, seeing as many guitar greats just did their own thing. If you want to be the best guitar player, learning from experts is not a bad choice. On the other hand, it's difficult to stay motivated, especially in the technological age we live in where everything has to happen now. Participating in a course where you get to meet fellow musicians can lead to great band sessions, and instructors are able to teach you some very cool tricks that you may never have learnt otherwise. These situations will also help to inspire you.

Start with the Basics

The first thing you need to practice will be placing the correct amount of pressure on the string, getting the fingers loose enough to reach where they need to reach while strumming or picking with the other hand. Sometime your fingers can hurt, but don't worry: just put the guitar down for a while and come back to it later. When I started I tried my best to keep it interesting, so I spent about 10 minutes with basic warm up exercises then I moved on to trying some chords. If I started to get bored I would just mess around. More specifically I'd lay my ear on the box part and just pick randomly. It does wonders for tuning in your hearing. Another useful tip is to grab the guitar when you don't have anything to do.

It doesn't have to turn into a lesson every time you play. Just mess around and see what happens. Like I mentioned before, start with the basic chords. If you know how to play basic chords, you can play lots of popular songs right away. After that you should learn to read tablature (tab), rhythm, and strumming. Don't feel pressurized to learn the hundreds that exist in the beginning. As long as you can learn C, F, D, E, G, A and their minor scales you can play more than a hundred tunes. I kid you not; you'll be able to impress all your friends. If you don't want to learn sheet music then stick to guitar tabs because they are very easy to master and all good guitar books use them.


If nothing else have as much fun as possible. The guitar is what you may call a rogue instrument because it allows you to break all the rules. It will be your companion through various stages of your life and who knows, it might even become an extension of how you feel. In my opinion this is the best way to learn guitar.

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