Best Songs For Electric Guitar Beginners

For a beginner, picking up and learning guitar can be unnerving. Although it is an extremely easy instrument to play, between forming your calluses and striking the notes left and right, singing music on the six string may not be a cake walk for everyone. There is a plethora of easy and most popular songs for electric beginners. Here is a list and step by step instructions along with some useful things about the music, so that when you learn the song, you"ll also know some tricks to use while playing your favorite featured song.

1. Horse With No Name- America

This is an amazing classic aural rock song of Neil Young from 1972. It is a perfect song for your first ballad because it is so simple and easy. In fact, you can learn this track in even less time than it takes to talk about it. There are only 2 chords you need to play, a moderate tempo and an easy 4/4 cadence. You can begin with the basic lyrics and strumming and you can also try the solo tricks. An appealing and cost effective beginner electric guitar will be impeccable for this number.

2. For What It Is Worth- Buffalo Springfield

This is an old golden track by Buffalo Springfield, a 60's band which included both Neil Young and Stephen Stills. This song is again very easy to play as it uses only 2 chords, A and E, that you will find in numerous other songs as well. It uses a very smooth sounding aghast plunking technique that is also used to spice up most of the other songs.

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3. First Day Of My Life- Bright Eyes

This is an easy track for all the romantics out there. This song is filled with some of the common chords and also allows the beginners to maneuver the first couple of verses with ease. While it is a prompt one to choose early, there are some tricky compositions that will help stretch beginners knowledge as well as fingers.

4. Scarborough Fair- Simon And Garfunkel

This is another popular finger picking melody from way back. This track is indispensable in a solo guitarist's collection that there are 2 different lessons on it. First is an easy sparse beginners variant taken from David's "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Guitar" using basic open chords along with single notes. The second is a treat and slightly advanced form of the song, using a capo on the 7th fret. If the step by step instructions are followed, any person can play this number, even an electric beginner.

5. Three Marlenas- The Wallflowers

Changing chords and strumming is one of the biggest challenges faced by beginner guitarist's. This is a simple and easy three chord song from the album "Bringing Down The Horse" from The Wallflowers. This track pays special attention to making smooth and clean chord changes. In addition to this, the electric beginner can also learn about anticipations, that is, changing before the beat and also try some strumming tips and techniques that will be quite helpful and also make the playing more fascinating.

6. Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffet

This is another simple 3 chord track where the beginner can learn to add bass notes to the strumming and form a fuller musical sounding arrangement. People recognize this song from opening notes and most of them will think you have been playing guitar from a very long time than you really have. You will make great music with this.

7. Silent Night

This is one of the easiest songs to play on the guitar. This track uses just 3 chords and the single guitar variant on Guitar Noise is easy and yet sounds captivating enough to play in a church. It is simple and sort but also elegant and sweet sounding. It also gets you in the mood to try your hands on many other beautiful songs.

These seven tracks are just the tip of the iceberg. The most wonderful thing about electric guitar lessons for beginners is all the techniques and theory used to play the songs. By the time you have mastered these simple songs, you will have also added creative and new beats to your bag of tricks and all of these can be used in most of the other songs.

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