It's got to that time again when I must chose my solos...

It's got to that time again when I must chose my solos for next years music festivals.

"But it's only September 2013, I can hear a voice call out. I guess there has to be a point when you have to think about allowing plenty of practise time to achieve the best performance you can possibly give and this is that time. Maybe, it's just me wanting to give the best performance I can every time I perform. Who knows!

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It's never easy picking for a music festival. Each music festival has different rules, expectations and potential prizes. There's also a point where other people have expectations of you. After years of attending music festivals, I start to think that when people see my name, they automatically expect me to win this or achieve this score. It definitely not a 'turn up and play' sort of event.

I haven't quite decided what solo or solos to perform next year but for all them budding euphonium players out there, have a look at "The Derick Kane Euphonium Album". Derick Kane is a top euphonium player who plays for the International Staff Band which is part of the Salvation Army. His book contains 14 different solos with a range of different standards needed to tackle each one. They are all beautiful solos and definitely come recommended.

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