When Beyonce performed during Halftime...

When Beyonc performed during Halftime XLVII, I was actually shocked to hear from those who were sourly underwhelmed with her performance.

I'll get the sentimentality over with. Beyonce was one of the key factors to my coming to terms with my homosexuality.

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Alright, Fran, that's a stretch, you say, but I kid you not. The 12-year-old me who checked out Destiny's Child's Survivor album from the library did a whole lot of over-enthused dancing and lip-syncing alone in his room until he finally admitted to himself he might be a little different from other boys.

Not only was Destinys Child my breach into the world of female R&B, but my breach into the world of secular music. That is, in tandem with Gwen Stefanis Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Before then, I had a devout ear for Christian rock that would only have deterred me from what I loved in pop music.

I am glad that I saw the truer light, and since then, Beyonce has been my all-time favorite music artist/human being. She has taught me to love myself.

I don't know why I found it so bizarre that Queen B does not resonate in the same way for everyone as she does for me. I have quite a bias.

So here's my beef with the non Bey-lievers. As seriously and objectively as possible, heres why Beyonce is a living legend and the pop icon for my generation (pre-Gaga, post-Madonna). Here's what Beyonce means to me and can to you.

Beyonce is a good human. Last year, she was not only the spearhead for World Humanitarian Day in an effort to engage her audiences with philanthropy in all it's forms, but she voiced support for recently out artist Frank Ocean. She wrote not only to him, but to the whole he might embody: Be Fearless, Be Honest, Be Generous, Be Brave. She called Ocean an inspiration for those who have not yet come forward.

Beyonce, to me, is a greater symbol of equal human rights than any other celebrity activist, because she does it with grace, without over-politicizing and without the vanity it comes with. Her and Jay-Z have always been philanthropic, but still maintain their private, powerful lives.

The early 90's generation my generation I think largely misses out on the loud, yet garish LGBT movement spawned from Lady Gaga. Armed with AK-47 boobs, and a glitter-crusted following, what she lacks is the poise, the sophistication, and the class of Ms. Knowles.

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