Top 5 Glam Metal Songs of the 80's

The 1980's, where guys looked like girls and girls loved it. Where a can a Aqua Net was a must have for a man or a women and the Rock Star's of the day did their best to one up each other in a frenzied race to see who could be the best looking Drag Queen. But even if the band looked like chicks, the music they made was All-American. So with me feeling nostalgic, I figured I would run down my Top 5 Glam Metal Songs.

#5 Cum on Feel the Noise (Quiet Riot 1983)

Pretty much everyone knows this song, it has a great hook and the song really sucks you in with it's hard driving beat. Some people might know this, but this is not an original Quiet Riot song, the band was forced to remake the song at the behest of their record label. The song was originally recorded by a UK band named Slate, and went on to hit number one on the UK charts. But America did not fall in love with this song until the Quiet Riot version was released in August on 1983. And while their are many other song that are on par or even surpass Cum on Feel the Noise , it is widely regarded as the first real "Metal" hit in the United States. For this fact alone, it makes the Top 5.

#4 We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister 1984)

Twisted Sister had been around in one form or another since 1972, so they had twelve years to really hone their skills and style. While many of the most popular bands of the time, Van Halen is a good example, really embraced the Glam Metal movement, Twisted Sister was always uncomfortable with this label. They did dress in women's clothes and had make-up on, but you could tell that it was part of the act, with their grotesque make-up and hodgepodge outfits, and not an attempt to look "pretty". When Stay Hungry debuted in May of 1984, the seeds of stardom had already been sowed. And their music videos skyrocketed them to International Superstar status.

But the real reason why it is on the list is because it inspired this:

#3 Jump (Van Halen 1984)

Just like Twisted Sister, Van Halen had spent the majority of the 1970's trying to find the right line-up and the right sound. Things began to mesh and success was a little more attainable when David Lee Roth became the front man in 1978, but unlike Twisted Sister, their debut album Van Halen, was a commercial success. The band really reached their pinnacle with the release of 1984 and the single Jump had a lot to do with it. There is a debate that has raged throughout the years in terms of Jump and songs like it. Some people feel as though the use of a electric keyboard makes this a purely pop song, but I like to take the view that you should really look at a band as a whole, and not just a couple songs, in determining how their music should be labeled. I mean, if you follow this logic, that a band's soul can be changed by adding or subtracting a couple of things, then choas would ensue. Is Metallica not a metal band because they cut their hair fifteen years ago? Their music would suggest otherwise. And anyways, it's my list.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? This list is really about those songs that transend time and place. When coming up with this list, I imagined I was a DJ who was asked to play five songs from the 80's Glam Metal Genre that would let the listner hear and see what the scence was all about. So keeping this in mind number 2 is

#2 Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard 1987)

Everyone who was older than four in the year 1987 knows how big Def Leppard was that year. The band was the standard for the rest of the bands of the era. Hit after hit, their albums played like a greatest hits playlist. It seemed as though one of their songs was on the radio every six minutes, and their videos we're on a continuous loop on MTV. Pour Some Sugar on Me was really their apex and helped the genre reach the saturation point. But however you look at it, the song is timeless. Just play the opening riff, and listen to everyone sing along.

Also, best band of all-time with a one-handed drummer.

So, we have waded through the masses, plucked the gems, and arrive at the number one spot. This band really only had one good album, if you don't include a couple of soundtrack songs, and that album had four, maybe five depending on your preference, really great songs. But the overall impact that these guys had, and still have, is astonishing. So without further ado, the top slot goes too

#1 You Give Love a Bad Name (Bon Jovi 1986)

You could really flip number one and two in my opinion, each one has the cred to be the number one song. But like I said, Bon Jovi has made an entire career off of Slippery When Wet , and in reality this and Livin' on a Prayer we're the only breakout hits of the album. But that doesn't really matter. This song perfectly capturesthe Glam Metal scene. The fact that their music burned out after only a few years does not take away from how great of a song this is. The combination of Richie Samboraand Jon Bon Jovi is magical. Sometimes certainpeople really need to meet, really need each other to reach their full potential musically. We see this all the time in Rock and Roll. McCarthy, Lennon and Harrison, Jagger and Richards, Townshend and Daltrey, Tyler and Perry, the list goes on and on. This is one of those pairs and that is why they are number one.

Honorable Mentions:

There we're so many great bands of the era that compiling a Top 5 list is actually really difficult. So many bands and songs had to miss the cut, but that should not diminish their greatness. Bands like Motely Crue and Poison we're also heavyweights in the 1980's and one of their songs could have easily made the Top 5. So if you are really that disappointed, don't feel bad, my favorite '80's Glam Band, The Scorpions, didn't make the cut either. We all have to make sacrifices.

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