Wednesday morning, Beyonce Knowles released a five-second teaser

Wednesday morning, Beyonce Knowles released a five-second teaser YouTube video previewing an announcement for her upcoming album with the promotion #BeyHereNow, exclusively leaked on her Tumblr.

She leaked the video in the morning, and there we're more than 3,000 notes (and counting) before entertainment media finally found out about it hours later. The same thing happened when she dropped her single sampler Bow Down/I Been On last month. In the midst of her personal photo diary, she reaches out to a niche of her fans that care about both her public and private life.

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Artists are shifting to Tumblr for publicity stunts more and more, previewing their work to cater to a loyal community. Eventually, it goes viral. In a world that requires a little more than 140 characters, entertainment is adapting to the blogroll form.

Celebrities are all taking on their own URLs: Beyonces sister, Solange, Aziz Ansari, Vanessa Hudgens, James Franco, Neil Gaiman, Azealia Banks, Frank Ocean, Tegan and Sara, and Big Boi, to name a few. For these types of viral promotions, Tumblr-goers are usually the first to know.

Tyler the Creator announced a free show in Colorado exclusively through Tumblr, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt fostered his pet project production company, Hit Record, which releases samples of music and films and published a series called The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. Pixar has launched a promotional Tumblr blog for their upcoming project Monsters University, called Grumblr. And don't even get me started on Kitty Pryde.

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