Kanye West- i am fan of.. or shall i say i have BECOME a fan of.

Kanye West- i am fan of.. or shall i say i have BECOME a fan of. He reminds of one of my favorite childhood TV heroes. The Six Million Dollar Man or Steve Austin

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Steve Austin was an astronaut/scientist (like kanye the beatmaker) who had a tragic accident (Kanye West smashed his motor vehicle) who was rebuilt and reconstructed (as Kanye was after the car accident ref. Through the Wire) It took six million dollars to rebuild Steve Austin and Kanye may have been worth just that much after his barrage of hits. Often in myth when a hero receives super powers he has to make a decision weather to be a doer of Good or to become an agent of Evil-with all kinds of blurred lines in between. In observing West i think we are witnessing a human in a mid-evolution trying to figure out which side of the Universal laws he will fall on. We should be graceful and forgiving in this matter. For as the Legendary Bob Dylan said all relevant art is being created by men either running TOWARDS god or running AWAY from god. Is there any question that Kanye West is a perfect example of conflict?

i think not!

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